Thursday, 4 July 2013

Our summer so far................

Well we've had a few sunny days and on those days we've had the pool out, been for long walks and worn sandals! We've also now got a tantruming toddler! The days have become so hard with the constant tantrums but I'm hoping they will pass especially as we are off on holidays soon! I'm dreading it! Will let you know how we get on..........

Friday, 29 March 2013

Pretty vintage style dresses..........

............always a winner with me and I've yet to find a label with such cute dresses as Jelly Lane. Their use of vintage prints is just divine perfect for any little girl but not to frilly frally if you have tom boy like me! Got my eye on one of these beauties for little un's 2nd birthday.

Happy Mothers Day!

So cute, not that I'm wishing her hair will grow or anything!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Our 2nd Christmas as a 3................

Where has the time gone? I can't believe its been so long since I've posted! 2nd Christmas as a 3 has been lovely but quiet, just the way we like it! Little one had lots new toys and clothes that I just can't find space for and I've eaten way too much as usual. I'm not one for new years resolutions but I do think that I must make a pledge to blog more!

Here are some pics from our Christmas (and a little something for me in the sales.........I've worked hard this year!)

Happy New Year / Blywddyn Newydd Da!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mummy style, my new trend............

I had hoped that my style would stay much the same when becoming a Mum, why wouldn't it? Well there are some rules I have learnt along the way...............

1. Top of the list, no more high heels, well at least not when carrying a toddler around on your hip. Of course they are completely acceptable if you have a night off (or if your Victoria Beckham and you have a car waiting in the wings everywhere you go) only problem is your so not used to wearing them anymore you have to relearn how to walk in them. Flat pumps are my new best friend.

2. Any low cut or strapless tops. Toddlers like to pull on everything and who wants their very unsexy nude t.shirt bra on show?!

3. Dresses. Ok this is for breast feeding Mum's. I found myself with a christening to go to when little un was just 2 weeks old, call me a fuss pot but I wanted to wear a frock not a skirt and top that I could pull up for easy access mid ceremony. Thank the Lord for breast pumps!

4. Jewellery. Well any sort that goes around your neck - you really don't want your Nan's vintage pearls ending up in the toy box. Also any sort of earring longer than a stud - unless you want to risk never being able to wear earrings EVER again, ouch!

5. Low cut jeans. Constant bending down to pick up dummies, toys, food squished in your carpet, putting little un in and out of the car seat, I could go on here. Lucky for me a higher waist is very much in this season plus they are very flattering on a Mummy tum.

6. Short cut tops. A longer line can cover your Mummy tum and/or muffin top, unless your lucky enough to not have either of those then you can be proud in your crop top a la Gwen Stefani (did you see her on last Saturdays X Factor? A-Mazing!)

7. Anything white. Sick, snot, food, you get the picture.

8. Always have a spare outfit ready in the morning. See point 7.

Friday, 26 October 2012

But who will look after the baby?

Me: I have a meeting to go to in London in a few weeks

Hubby: Oh right, but who will look after the baby?

Me: Um, you!? Your off work that day.

Hubby: How am I ever expected to get anything done round the house?!

I needn't say anymore.